Capital market

Financial System: Structure, Risk, Markets, Financial Stability

Recognizing the importance of developing financial education the Institute aims through this program, which is addressed to all those whose professional activity is related to financial domain, to deepen specific financial system concepts to meet challenges fueled by socio-economic new reality. With

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Risk Management for AFIA which administers the FIA with legal personality

The course Risk management for AFIA administered internally or which administers the FIA with legal personality is addressed to persons who work in these entities on leading positions as risk management, internal assessors or to persons who want a career development in the field of risk management.

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Word 2016

The program aims to acquire intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques regarding creating and managing professional documents using Microsoft Office software - Microsoft WORD, enabling end users from financial field to operate in a professional way enhancing document content, customizing temp

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Sustainability Management and Reporting Insights

The training course is intended to familiarize you both with the importance of sustainability for the future of your company, as well as with the methodologies and tools needed to monitor, report and manage your company’s economic, environmental and social impacts. The management an

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Process optimization - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Process Simulation - Quick Learning Method

The program consists of a demonstration and interactive optimization process, a workshop on Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt level), where we simulate the practical process, the organizational structure classic with customers (who demands the three coordinates: quality, cost and delivery time), reception

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Legislative news in the field of public accounting

The program has a very practical character, consisting in multiple applications and practical presentations regarding the legislative changes in the field of accounting of institutions and public authorities.

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Methods and techniques for valuing investments

The course aims to familiarize students with methods and techniques for the evaluation of direct investments (private and public) and financing, respectively, to prepare a business plan for their future exploitation. The program has a strong practical character, being developed on significant case

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Entitatea de Soluţionare Alternativă a Litigiilor în domeniul financiar nebancar, denumită în continuare SAL-FIN, este constituită în baza Ordonanţei Guvernului nr. 38/2015 privind soluţionarea alternativă a litigiilor dintre consumatori şi comercianţi, denumită în

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The Company’s protection against vexing lawsuits

  One of the biggest concerns of the companies that are currently listed on the Stock Exchange or are soon to be listed is often linked to the entry as shareholders of people that will end up encumbering the financial activity of the listed company by initiating lawsuits. This also applies to c

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Evaluation and monitoring of investment fund assets

The personnel who provides the product management and the back-office areas for deposit / investment fund administration must be a specialized one, possessing specific legislative knowledge and able to apply them correctly and consistently. The main tasks of the Depositary are: Certification of

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Diagnostic analysis for estimating insolvency risk

Through this course, the lecturer synthesizes the expertise in credit risk management accumulated in:- 10 years of professional experience- 1,000 business meetings with entrepreneurs from all sectors- 100,000 insolvency companies analyzed over the past 10 years Following the experience described ab

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Capital markets and financial innovation

The course aims to reveal the main feature and quality of capital market: financial innovation. It defines market functioning in both its aspects immediately visible to users and in its deep layers, either technological, or in the structural typologies developed. The course will indicate the main a

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Issuer on the capital market - survival guide

The course aims to acquaint representatives of eligible issuers regarding their future status of companies listed on the stock market and the main obligations incumbent upon as such. The premise from which we start is the first measure to tame a future that worries you is to understand exactly what

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Intellectual Capital

Given the contemporary significance of the Knowledge Economy, Intellectual Capital (IC) is considered as an essential element leading to and enhancing value creation in and by companies. On the other hand, the survival and expansion of companies, industrial sectors and entire economies depends on th

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Webinar: First Steps in Investing on the Stock Exchange

This Webinar is designed so you can learn what return and risk indicators you should follow for a listed company and you will get familiar with basic methods of company valuation.  We provide examples using stocks and companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and also on international

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Webinar: How to Value the Investment Opportunities

In this Webinar we focus on the main methods to value the investment opportunities in Stocks and Bonds. We discuss the main indicators to take into account before investing in Stocks and/or Bonds. Examples and Case studies based on recent listings on Bucharest Stock Exchange and also some other loc

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Financing companies through the capital market

The main issues to be discussed in the program are about how to finance companies through the capital market, as an alternative to classical banking financing. Students will gain knowledge about the possibility of financing via the capital market, the typology of financiers present on the capital m

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Conflict negotiation abilities

Module II It’s a 3 hours long practical workshop. This workshop aims to offer the participants conflict negotiation skills (listening, identifying needs; identifying “conflict’s red zone”, asking the right question at the right time). The workshop approach is an experiential

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Efficient communication skills

Module IV It’s an interactive and experiential seminar which offers the perfect balance between theory and practice; with immediate applicability on daily professional activities. This training aims to give to the participants a personalized method of efficient communication in their concilia

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Procedura insolvenței: activitatea debitoarei în perioada de observație

Insolvența întreprinderii este o stare de fapt care se instalează anterior deschiderii procedurii judiciare. Scopul Legii nr.85/2014 este acoperirea pasivului debitoarei cu acordarea șansei salvării existenței acesteia. Perioada imediat următoare deschiderii procedurii generale a insolve

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Noua platformă pentru examinări online

Vă rugăm să accesați Platforma on-line aici și să urmați pașii menționați în Ghidul candidatului sau Ghidul angajatorului/furnizorului

Programe de pregatire profesională continuă pentru specialiști constatare daune

Specialiștii constatare daune își desfășoară activitatea profesională în domeniul asigurărilor, în conformitate cu prevederile legale în vigoare și cu respectarea cerințelor privind pregătirea profesională....Click aici pentru detalii >

Proiectul CertIDD – un nou proiect educational pentru piaţa de asigurări

Institutul de Studii Financiare anunță finalizarea celui de-al patrulea proiect educațional pentru piața de asigură...see all

Revista de Studii Financiare


Vă rugăm să accesați Platforma on-line aici și să urmați pașii menționați în Ghidul ...see all

Master de tehnici actuariale

The Insurance Distributor Manual has been published

The Institute of Financial Studies and specialists in the insurance market have developed and published the Insurance Di...see all

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Actiune plantare - editia a doua

ISF organizeaza vineri 29 martie 2019  a doua editie a actiunii de ecologizare a padurilor, urmand astfel sa plante...see all



Bucureşti 25 martie  2019   Digitalizarea, automatizarea şi inovaţia în serviciile financiare, dar ...see all

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