Capital market

How we evaluate stocks and bonds

26 March 2019

In this course you will learn the main methods of assessing the listed shares and bonds. We will analyze company indicators, then evaluation indicators, with examples and applicable to companies listed on BVB as well as international markets. We will also outline the macroeconomic picture, starti

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Financial Analysis and Forecasting - Module II

27 March 2019 - 28 March 2019

The financial analysis provides the tools and techniques to analyze the financial statements in order to make a financial diagnosis of the company's profitability and risk, according to which the strengths and weaknesses of the management can be formulated. Thus, it can be substantiate the strategie

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Combating money laundering in the stock market

28 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

Interdisciplinary course developed capital market - combating money laundering (AML) / Combating Financing of Terrorism CFT / international financial penalties (SFI)The course is a detailed instruction about the standards, legal provisions and requirements applicable national and international in th

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Prevention and combating money laundering and financing of terrorism in Romania

28 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

The course is structured on two modules, the first aimed at combating money laundering at European level (from a theoretical and practical point of view), and the second was focused on preventing and combating this crime in Romania (also from a theoretical point of view and practical).  

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Managementul riscurilor

01 April 2019 - 02 April 2019

Cursul oferă o introducere în managementul riscurilor și în metodologiile de administrare a acestora, a reglementărilor în acest domeniu, precum și a metodelor de evaluare și control. Mai mult decât atât, în cadrul cursului se vor identifica, analiza şi ilus

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Comitetul de Audit – componentă a sistemului de control intern

09 April 2019

Tot mai multe reglementări, dar şi acțiuni de control din partea autorităților de supraveghere, pun accent pe exercitarea rolului activ al conducătorilor societății în stabilirea limitelor toleranței la risc și a sistemului de control intern şi a evaluării eficienței acestor siste

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Financial Analysis and Forecasting - Module I

10 April 2019 - 11 April 2019

The financial analysis provides the tools and techniques to analyze the financial statements in order to make a financial diagnosis of the company's profitability and risk, according to which the strengths and weaknesses of the management can be formulated. Thus, it can be substantiate the strategie

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Evaluarea, monitorizarea și contabilitatea activelor fondurilor de investiții

18 May 2019 - 19 May 2019

Programul continuă seria cursurilor de profil pentru personalul băncilor care dețin funcția de depozitar, respectiv pentru personalul societăților de administrare de investiții (administratori de fonduri de investiții), însă în completare se va prezenta și substratul economic a

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Negotiation skills

24 June 2019

The course is interactive and offers the perfect balance between theory and practice; with immediate applicability on daily professional activities. This training aims to give to the participants all the basic means and tools to prepare and engage into a successful negotiation. Following the course,

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Business Intelligence & Community Management

Business Intelligence & Community Management are two concepts used increasingly more commonly among those using the means of modern technology, particularly the online environment, in their professional activity. The proposed program comes to provide them with methods, techniques and practical t

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Operational Risk Management - risks arising from IT

The program aims to define and exemplify evaluation processes, monitoring and controlling operational risks generated by informational systems. The course aims to provide participants with a set of concepts and techniques that should help them operate efficiently and safely in an ever changing and

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Personal Finance Investment in this context

The premise for this workshop (atelier) is that: "Financial education is one area that can not bypass anyone", or more precisely, we can not afford to neglect. Exploratory Workshop addresses financial, and in a simplified form aims to: - Expose the importance of saving and especially the importance

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Requirements Engineering

The training session regarding the Requirements Engineering methodology for managers will consist of a mixture of theoretical elements,  interactive exercises and practice  reports. The theoretical part covers: the motivation for professional Requirements Engineering and the 4 phases r

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Workshop on MiFID and MAD

MiFID II comes into force in January 2018 and all Investment Firms will need to update their systems and procedures to be fully compliant. The aim of this program is to give an outline of the changes brought by MiFID II so that Investment Services Providers become aware of the steps they need to tak

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Basic Valuation Indicators for Listed Companies

In this Program, the participants will get familiar with the ways to comput, to interpret and to use the main indicators in the valuation process of a listed company. We start with return and risk ratios that derive from the financial data of the listed companies and we arrive at the most common mul

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Valuation Methods for Stocks - Intermediate and Advanced Level

In this Program, the participants will learn the main valuation methods that are used in financial industry practice and apply them on stocks listed both on local and international markets. By improving their knowledge in this field, the experienced investors and persons that activate in the financ

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Management of the activities against fraud in the financial market

During this program the causes and conditions that favor committing illegal acts in the financial market, the main ways of committing such acts and special investigation techniques from the perspective of financial corporate entities, control authorities or judiciary authorities will be analyzed and

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Electronic information management through processes using maturity models

The concepts presented in this course is based on internationally recognized standards and practices in the field with a high level of maturity and a good track record of implementations in multicultural environments and in business in Romania. Using patterns of maturity in management implementatio

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Managerial Internal Control System (MICS)

Managerial Internal Control System program, according to OSGG no. 400/2015 approving the Managerial Internal Control Code, amended and completed is designed for key persons within public institutions. Managerial internal control system according to OSGG no. 400/2015 includes 16 applicable standards

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Webinar: Bursa - In primul rand pentru investitii!

Acest Webinar te ajută să înțelegi mecanismul de funcționare al bursei, familiarizându-te cu instituțiile care administrează sistemul pieței de capital (mecanismul bursier de tranzacționare) și inerent vei înțelege în detaliu rolul lor și modalitatea de relaționar

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The methodology regarding certification of professional training of insurance and / or reinsurance distributors

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Press release - Conference - Quo Vadis Insurance Market in 2019!

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