Capital market

Investiția pentru acest program este de: 250 lei + TVA/participant Taxa de mai sus include: materiale curs, pauză de cafea, certificat de participare.

28 August 2019

Programul se adresează  ofiţerilor de Conformitate care îşi desfaşoară activitatea în cadrul  sistemului bancar şi societăţilor de intermediere financiară, având ca scop prezentarea  cadrului de reglementare aplicabil pieţelor şi instrumentelor financiare

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Noţiuni introductive privind oferirea de consultanţă de investiţii conform cerinţelor MiFID II

04 September 2019

Programul se adresează personalului bancar şi intermediarilor de pe piaţa de capital care oferă consultanţă de investiţii financiare şi are ca scop prezentarea cadrului de reglementare aplicabil pieţelor şi instrumentelor financiare MIFID II Directiva 2014/65/EU, PRIIP’s, MAD II, str

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Interest rate risk coverage: applying the new EBA standards

06 September 2019

The new European definition of bank risk requires a reclassification of its components from the classic components of risk: credit, market in a form required as a result of the last financial recession. In this way, the IRRBB, the credit risk margin for non-portfolio activities (en: credit spread ri

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11 September 2019 - 12 September 2019

The Trainer Program offers the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for achieving and sustaining training sessions interactive and stimulating applying training techniques depending on the particular adult learning.

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Process Mining in financial services sector

20 September 2019

The concept of Process Mining is new in the Romanian economy, due to the evolution of technology and the diversification of the automation options of some financial processes within the companies. Thus, in the case that we have exposed, this subject concerns the ability of some companies to streamli

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Introduction to Information Security Management - Begginers Module

23 September 2019 - 24 September 2019

In this course we set out to discuss the basics of information security management by presenting the main aspects concerning the management through processes and basic concepts of information security. The material is an introduction and makes available to attendees the notions necessary for unders

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Financial Analysis and Forecasting - Module II

30 September 2019 - 01 October 2019

The financial analysis provides the tools and techniques to analyze the financial statements in order to make a financial diagnosis of the company's profitability and risk, according to which the strengths and weaknesses of the management can be formulated. Thus, it can be substantiate the strategie

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Course in Information Security Management - Advanced

14 October 2019 - 15 October 2019

In this course, we propose discussing the main aspects of information security and to present to the audience useful methods for identifying and approaching risks, for defining, implementing and monitoring control measures that can prevent incidents and that can ensure a good level of security for t

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Business Intelligence & Community Management

Business Intelligence & Community Management are two concepts used increasingly more commonly among those using the means of modern technology, particularly the online environment, in their professional activity. The proposed program comes to provide them with methods, techniques and practical t

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Basic Valuation Indicators for Listed Companies

In this Program, the participants will get familiar with the ways to comput, to interpret and to use the main indicators in the valuation process of a listed company. We start with return and risk ratios that derive from the financial data of the listed companies and we arrive at the most common mul

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Valuation Methods for Stocks - Intermediate and Advanced Level

In this Program, the participants will learn the main valuation methods that are used in financial industry practice and apply them on stocks listed both on local and international markets. By improving their knowledge in this field, the experienced investors and persons that activate in the financ

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Electronic information management through processes using maturity models

The concepts presented in this course is based on internationally recognized standards and practices in the field with a high level of maturity and a good track record of implementations in multicultural environments and in business in Romania. Using patterns of maturity in management implementatio

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Managerial Internal Control System (MICS)

Managerial Internal Control System program, according to OSGG no. 400/2015 approving the Managerial Internal Control Code, amended and completed is designed for key persons within public institutions. Managerial internal control system according to OSGG no. 400/2015 includes 16 applicable standards

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Financial System: Structure, Risk, Markets, Financial Stability

Recognizing the importance of developing financial education the Institute aims through this program, which is addressed to all those whose professional activity is related to financial domain, to deepen specific financial system concepts to meet challenges fueled by socio-economic new reality. With

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Risk Management for AFIA which administers the FIA with legal personality

The course Risk management for AFIA administered internally or which administers the FIA with legal personality is addressed to persons who work in these entities on leading positions as risk management, internal assessors or to persons who want a career development in the field of risk management.

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Word 2016

The program aims to acquire intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques regarding creating and managing professional documents using Microsoft Office software - Microsoft WORD, enabling end users from financial field to operate in a professional way enhancing document content, customizing temp

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Sustainability Management and Reporting Insights

The training course is intended to familiarize you both with the importance of sustainability for the future of your company, as well as with the methodologies and tools needed to monitor, report and manage your company’s economic, environmental and social impacts. The management an

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Process optimization - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Process Simulation - Quick Learning Method

The program consists of a demonstration and interactive optimization process, a workshop on Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt level), where we simulate the practical process, the organizational structure classic with customers (who demands the three coordinates: quality, cost and delivery time), reception

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Legislative news in the field of public accounting

The program has a very practical character, consisting in multiple applications and practical presentations regarding the legislative changes in the field of accounting of institutions and public authorities.

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Methods and techniques for valuing investments

The course aims to familiarize students with methods and techniques for the evaluation of direct investments (private and public) and financing, respectively, to prepare a business plan for their future exploitation. The program has a strong practical character, being developed on significant case

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