Word 2016

Bucharest 14 May 2018 - 08 June 2018

Trainer: Dana-Maria Boldeanu


The program aims to acquire intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques regarding creating and managing professional documents using Microsoft Office software - Microsoft WORD, enabling end users from financial field to operate in a professional way enhancing document content, customizing templates and merging data with documents and labels.

Target group

The direct beneficiaries of the program are persons working in the financial and banking field (in the field of insurance, private pensions and financial investments, related or similar activities, as well as risk management, human resources management and management of the organization) with an intermediate level of knowledge in using Microsoft Word.

Course objectives

The program provides the opportunity to acquire advanced skills for professional formatting documents, generating and working with templates, comparing and combining documents, merging data with mails and labels and automating the tasks by using macros, reviewing and finalizing documents and working with long documents using the Microsoft Word 2016.


Module 1: Create professional documents;

                   WORD 2016 interface


- WORD 2016 interface with general options;

- Creating professional documents (font and paragraph formatting, editing, insert header/footer, data and time, page number, auto-correct, etc.);

- Organizing data in tables;

- Insert objects and special features (object, shapes, symbols, equations, pictures, graphs, WordArt, etc.);

- Page setup;

- Saving and preparing documents for printing;

- End of module study case.


Module 2: Working with Long Documents (Master Documents)


- Add references and organizing long documents

-        Create, add and modify styles;

-        Apply styles, define headings;

-        Add/update/delete a table of contents;

-        Insert footnotes and endnotes ;

-        Insert citations and bibliography;

-        Add index;

-        Insert a caption; add a tables of figures;

-        Add cross-references;

-        Inserting and Updating a Table of Authorities;

-        Create an Outline.

- End of module study case.


Module 3: Review and Collaborating on Word documents


- Review Word documents:

-        Add comments;

-        Use Track Changes feature;

-        Reviewing pane - options;

-        Viewing changes, additions and comments;

-        Accepting/rejecting changes;

- Proofing and language tools; word count;

- Comparing and combining documents;

- Create and manage hyperlinks;

- End of module study case.


Module 4: Merge data with documents and labels


- Start de mail merge process – generate de templates;

- Create envelopes and labels:

-          Choose and refine the data source (create a new source or use existing Excel or Access databases  for selecting recipients  for merging with mails, labels, envelops;

-          Sort and filter data source;

-          Insert merge fields;

-          Add rules;

-          Update documents;

-          use Match Fields;

-          Preview and complete the merge (prepare and send documents by e-mail using OUTLOOK);

- End of module study case.


Module 5: Generating templates and using macros for automating repetitive tasks


- Generating custom templates:

-       Add custom fields and controls;

-       Block and restrict editing;

-       Insert data into templates;

- Generating and using Macros:

-       Define macros;

-       Launch, modify and delete macros;

-       Add macros to Quick Access Toolbar;

- Inserting metadata;

- End of module study case.

Module 6: Protecting documents;

      Tips and tricks in Word 2016.


- Making Microsoft Word Documents Read Only;

- Password Protect Word Documents;

- Removing Metadata from Files;

- Restrict Formatting and Editing;

- Using Go To feature;

- Tips and tricks in Microsoft Word 2016;

- End of module study case;

- Final recap study case.


Dana-Maria Boldeanu is associate professor at the Management Information Systems Department within the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems – Bucharest University of Economic Studies Management Information Systems. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching and research in specializations: Professional Spreadsheets, Business databases, Business Intelligence, Project Management and Business Services Industry. She obtained the professional qualification of Microsoft Office Specialist certification in 2016 from Microsoft through Learning Solution Training in Romania and also has ITIL® Foundation Certificate (2016) in service management through EXIN/Axelos Global Best Practice. She graduated in 2012 from “Research and Teacher Education for Business & Economics (EDU-RES)” interdisciplinary master program at the Faculty of International Business and Economics. From 2009 Dana Boldeanu is a member of the organizing committee of Accounting and Management Information Systems (AMIS) International Conference and starting with 2014 she is a member of the program committee of IBIMA Conference.

Between 2007 and 2009 she was trainer for ECDL Romania at the National Institute for Administration for: Module 1 and 2 (Computer Essentials), Module 4 and 5 (Excel, Access). She was active since 2002 in numerous research projects gained by competition and financed by the National Research Council or with structural and EU funds. For 2009 Dana-Maria Boldeanu is CEO of Centre for Advanced Services on Electronic Services (E-CAESAR), a non-profit association with researches focus on e-services. She was involved in setting up the research centre, acquiring projects and partnerships, working as leader or member in several projects.

Duration / Period

The duration of the program will have 18 hours.

14.05.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)

18.05.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)

21.05.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)

25.05.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)

04.06.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)

08.06.2018 (Between: 09.00-12.00)




The necessary investement for this program is of 550 lei+VAT/participant.

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