Settlement of claims in liabilities and goods insurance

Bucharest 27 September 2016 - 28 September 2016

Trainer: Mihaela Cojocaru, Victor Slujitoru, Alin Utica


During this training, there will be presented novelties in solving the claim files, opened following the occurrence of an insured risk, for property and liability policies with a focus on efficiency, an unified and standardized procedure. The novelties will be presented from both points of view: practical and theoretical / legislative.
A strong focus will be placed on the study of how the loss settlement is made for mandatory property insurance, through PAD legislation.

Target group

The course addresses mainly to insurers claim department and also to providers of claim services.
The course could be also of use for those interested in skills improvement. During the training, there will be references to insurance principals and to their relevance in the process of loss settlement.

Course objectives

Knowledge of the legislative framework of pursuing the activities of insurance and loss settlement related to property and liability insurance, including the one related to consumer protection and also to the protection of personal data.

Learning the basic concepts regarding the activity of loss settlement for property and liabilities insurance, including risk protection activities, participants in the insurance process and obligations of each party in case of an insured event.

Assimilation of the basic principles of communication and the importance of them, in case of an insured event.

At the end of the training, the participants will learn an accurate procedure for loss settlement of property and liability insurance and also will update their knowledge for solving non-motor claim files. They will learn the most recent prerogatives of PAD legislation and the procedure for solving non-motor claim files.


- Specific legislation of PAID and comprehensive property insurance
- Applicable legislation for liability insurance.
- Steps of solving a claim file for property, liability and other type of insurances.
- Steps of solving PAD claim file:

  • Notifying the claim to the insurer which has issued the policy
  • Opening the claim file on PAID Manager platform 
  • Ascertainment of damages
  • Completion of claim file
  • Damage evaluation
  • Payment for approved claims

- Loss settlement for liability and tort insurances. Particularities of liability and tort insurances. Steps of solving the claim file according with the type of liability insurance.
- Loss settlement for professional liability insurances. Particularities of professional liability insurances. Steps of solving the claim file according with the type of professional liability insurance.


Mihaela COJOCARU –FSA authorized lecturer (L-0130)
Ms. Mihaela Cojocaru is the Deputy CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of CertAsig Insurance Reinsurance Company with a history of over 17 years in the insurance industry. She is a member of the Commission for Professional Training in Insurance.
She organized training courses in insurance for the UK Know How Fund, training for insurance agents. She participated in organizing several courses and participated in drafting several handouts and is a FSA / CSA certified lecturer (L-0130) from 07.12.2010.

Victor SLUJITORU, General Claims Manager, Groupama
Mr. Victor Slujitoru works in the insurance field for over 17 years, with 15 years experience as a manager for non-auto claims insurance company ASIBAN currently GROUPAMA in which he currently works.
Has actively developed training and personal development courses such as: insurance and damage legal liability (ERC Frankonia / Munich); Investigation of damage of goods and liability (Hanover Re / Hanover); catastrophic risks, risk inspections (Swiss Re / Munich); Courses in communication, negotiation and leadership.

Alin UTICA – Property Claims Inspector, ascertaining and loss settler, with an ample and diversified experience in Omniasig, national coordinator of property claim inspectors at Astra and Manager of PAID Claim Department.

Duration / Period

The program will take place in the period 27-27 of September 2016 between 09:00 and 17:00.


The investment for this program is of 650 lei + VAT/participant and includes: course materials, coffee and lunch break, participation certificate.


At the above fee a discount of  5%  will be granted for the registration of more than 2 persons from the same organization.

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