Performance and thinking ”out of the box”

Bucharest 22 October 2019

Trainer: Irina Toma


An interactive course, with theoretical and practical elements, with immediate applicability in the professional life. This training aims to give the participants all the information, means and tools to coach and develop their own and their team member’s innovative thinking.  The course offers the participants techniques for combining creativity and management systems; once it is applied, the concept will enable a great development of both material and human resources involved in the process.

Target group

All those who want to discover and improve their unconventional thinking abilities and their creativity in the work place. This training is dedicated especially to those who face challenges and to those with the necessity of overcoming them alongside their teams.

Course objectives

  • Learning a variety of instruments and techniques in order to respond to challenges effectively
  • Identifying the real sources of problems and generating solutions/options
  • Knowing the methods to be used for generating creative ideas within the team
  • Facilitating the innovation process within their teams; especially when they are facing specific issues or complex challenges.
  • Identifying the necessary resources for implementing the solutions found.
  • Knowing the necessary instruments for getting all the innovative ideas.


  1. Applied thinking in creative problem solving – (2 hours) – theory, examples, exercises
  2. How to correctly define problems - (2 hours) – theory, examples, exercises
  3. Generating ideas - (2 hours) – theory, examples, exercises, roll-plays
  4. Developing the action plan - (2 hours) – exercises examples, roll-plays


Irina Toma, Life&Executive Coach, accredited by IIC&M; Trainer, Consultant, Mentor, with years of experience in coaching and training on subjects like: soft skills, communication, leadership, sales, motivation; team management and team coaching.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 8 hours and will take place on November 29th 2018, between 10:00-18:00.


The necessary investment for participating to this program is of 350 lei + VAT/person.


At the above fee the following discounts will be granted:

  • 5% for registration and payment until October 15th 2018;
  • 5% for the registration of at least 2 persons from the same organisation.

The discounts can be cumulated.

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