Online course: Reinsurance Operations Overview

LOMA 24 July 2019

Trainer: N/A


This LOMA course describes the marketing, regulation, and administration of reinsurance. It teaches how reinsurance agreements are negotiated and how insurer licensing rules and financial condition requirements regulate reinsurance agreements, as well as the basic methods of reinsurance record administration and some typical administration activities. This course assumes that learners already posses an understanding of reinsurance, the various types of reinsurance agreements, and the parties to a reinsurance agreement.

This course is ideal for those employees routinely involved in their companies’ reinsurance transactions, or those peripherally involved who want or need a deeper understanding of the marketing, negotiation, or administrative processes.

Language: English

The course is online and can be accessed both from computer and mobile devices.

Target group

Employees of companies from the insurance and financial services industry.

Course objectives

  • Describe how reinsurance is marketed and explain the typical steps in negotiating a reinsurance agreement
  • Discuss how reinsurance is regulated through reinsurer licensing and rules concerning financial condition
  • Identify the three main methods of reinsurance record administration and describe the basic reinsurance administration activities
  • Explain how the parties to a reinsurance agreement typically conduct reinsurance audits, resolve disagreements, and handle insolvency

Duration / Period

1 hour

The displayed period is indicative, being online the course is available at any time.

The course can be completed within 6 months of enrollment.


The necessary investement for this course is of 60 USD+VAT/participant.

The participation fee may be subject to changes based on LOMA policy.

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