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Constanta 05 September 2019

Trainer: Alexandru Grigorescu


New technology of automotive repairs process is evolving day by day, and it is used by most of the repair units in the process of repairing a vehicle. New technologies are described in dedicated textbooks of different vehicle manufacturers but also in technical specifications of companies specialized in the field. Knowledge and applicability of these methods of repair is a technical and commercial advantage for both those who perform these works and for beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of these new technologies are mostly owners of cars going through such a process, applicable components or assemblies of components of vehicles. These new repair processes may be covered in certain cases by an insurance policy, if the vehicle is involved in a car accident and the damage is caused by the insured.

Participants in this course will be allocated 4 credit points related to continuing professional training for damage finding specialists.

The course can be accessed only once in the professional training program for the damage assessment specialists.

Target group

The course is aimed at people who are part of the process of claims / dealing damage (assessment and adjustment) due to the identification of several development needs knowledge, skills and attitudes thereof. It is necessary for each person that is being part of claims process / dealing damage to have knowledge of new technologies present on the repair vehicles market. So in the assessment and the adjustment services, the resentatives of this service can apply technology solutions containing new technologies for repairing a vehicle.

Course objectives

  • Identification of the applicability of new repair technologies in the process of claims / dealing damage;
  • Application of new repair technologies in the process of investigating claims / dealing damage;
  • Supporting the technical and commercial advantages of the new repair technologies in the process of claims / dealing damage;


  1. Presentation of certain new technologies in the field of vehicle repair: Presentation support its theory .ppt - 1 hour

a)       New repair technologies in dealing damage caused following the phenomenon of hail damage or lightweight vehicles; Technology called PDR - Paintless Dent Repair;  

b)       New repair technologies for alloy wheels and automotive plastic parts;

c)       New repair technologies for glazing elements of motor vehicles;

d)       Types of damage that can be repaired using technologies from a), b) and c);  

e)       New technologies and new equipments used in the repair of motor vehicles;

1.1.        Exercise: 30 minutes - form with 10 questions grid

Case Studies: in 10 case studies are presented different types of damage to the vehicle.

The purpose of the exercise: Identification of the correct type of technological solution applied in each case in order to repair the vehicle;

Method of implementation: The trainer will present in electronic format 10 case studies (types of damage) and students will note the type of technology that can be applied in order to repair the car and bring it to its original state.


  1. Comparative presentation of commercial and technical advantages of the technologies of point 1 compared with conventional solutions; Presentation of technical and commercial advantages of new technologies presentation and theoretical support: .ppt - 1 hour

a)    Presentation comparative conclusions;


Mr. Alexandru Grigorescu is licensed Polytechnic University, Faculty of Transport and Road Vehicles. It has over 10 years of experience in insurance - Uniqa Insurance claims manager responsible methodology Generali damage. Section coordinator car UNSAR mid 2017. ANC is authorized trainer.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 3 hours (4 credits) and will take place between 10:00-13:00.


The investment for this program is:

  • 180 lei + VAT / participant
  • 190,08 lei + VAT / participant, with the fee for validation and registration of credits included.

Fees include: course materials, coffee breaks, participation certificates.

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