Mindset and effective skills for sales performance

Bucharest 06 June 2019 - 07 June 2019

Trainer: Gabriela Puskas


In the highly competitive global market today, selling is a challenge that requires greater skill than ever. Customers have more options and are better informed than in the past. They expect an honest relationship based on trust with those who sell to them, as well as personalized solutions to their problems. The quality of the product is no longer sufficient to guarantee the sale. Sale, like sport, is essentially a mental game, requiring special skills to achieve performance. This course provides participants with a range of modern methods and techniques for engaging essential mental skills in sales, recognizing negative concepts that act as a barrier to success in selling and combating these concepts. You will acquire practical tools which will help you achieve an important leap in sales for your business, individually or as a team.

Target group

The course addresses to very active and busy people, providing them with a rigorous and personalized educational experience. The sales course focuses on practical aspects and is therefore suited to sales professionals, sales managers and sales team leaders. Minimum level of experience for participation in the course: minimum one year of sales experience.

Course objectives

After completing this course, the participants will:

  • Identify personality traits using MTQ48 - Mental Toughness Questionnaire;
  • Increase personal efficiency in sales ( personal responsibility and motivation);
  • Recognize and overcome misconceptions about their own sales skills;
  • Know and apply modern methods and techniques of selling;
  • Train the ability to concentrate, focus and achieve optimal motivation;
  • Develop emotional skills and interpersonal skills.


Day 1: Selling - a mental and emotional capacity

  • The “MTM - Mental Toughness Model” and the effects of mental and emotional attitudes;
  • Engaging emotional self-awareness;
  • The 7 negative concepts that act as barriers to successfully closing a sale;
  • Barriers in communication – the Meta Model in communication;
  • Specific exercises and applied knowledge


Day 2: Optimal motivation and "Selling in the flow "

  • Basic elements of stress and anxiety in sales;
  • The 6 Motivational Perspectives Model (MPM);
  • Activating positive (optimal) motivation;
  • Selling in the "flow" to increase personal efficiency and sales performance.
  • Exercises and applied knowledge

During these 2 days, the participants will work individually or in groups with a series of applied exercises based on learning scenarios through the experiences of everyday life.


Gabriela Puskas is the founder and managing partner of Performance Group, a company specializing in management consulting, coaching, mentoring and services with impact on individual and organizational performance. She has a thorough expertise in areas such as business management, leadership, sales, personality assessment tools, and emotional intelligence. Gabriela holds a PhD in Economics and has a relevant professional experience of over 28 years in the fields of: corporate banking, international franchises, entrepreneurship, project management. Gabriela was formed in the field of coaching in London, followed by a series of professional trainings in NLP, Transactional Analysis, PCM, psychometric assessments (MTQ48 – Mental Toughness Questionnaire and ILM72 – Integrated Leadership Measure) and currently provides coaching for performance to both young managers at the beginning of their career as well as to experienced entrepreneurs.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 15 hours and will take place within 2 days, from 10:00 to 18:00.


The necessary investment for participating to this program is of 700 lei + VAT/person.


At the above fee the following discounts will be granted:

  • 5% for registration and payment until May 24th, 2019;
  • 5% for the registration of at least 2 persons from the same organisation.

The discounts can be cumulated.

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