Machine learning fundamentals

03 October 2019

Trainer: Remus Racolta


The "Machine Learning Fundamentals" course introduces statistical and business concepts to understand artificial intelligence algorithms and how they can be applied across different areas of financial markets.


Target group


The course is addressed to risk management / actuary, marketing, fraud / security, process automation, and middle and top management positions in the strategy and digital transformation area.

Course objectives

The main objective of the course is to provide learners with an understanding of artificial intelligence algorithms as well as how they can apply in the business area. The course will have a theoretical component, focusing on elements of statistical theory and financial mathematics as well as a practical one in which different use-cases will be analyzed / implemented.


Introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence
    Machine learning on the financial market
    Basic concepts in statistical theory
    Supervised learning: regression and classification
    Unservice Learning: Clustering and Analysis of Main Components
    Automatic Learning: Neural Networks
    How to build a machine learning algorithm (ML)?
    Evaluation of an algorithm: complexity and errors
    Case Study 01: ML in Insurance and Private Pensions:
        personalized insurance
        fraud detection
    Case Study 02: ML in Capital Markets:
        algorithm trading
        anticipating stock price movements
    Case Study 03: ML in Business:
        personalized recommendations
        deep learning

The course will have PPT support as well as practical exercises (Excel / Python). Depending on the audience, its structure may be more theoretical (statistical, deep learning) or business (how can ML be implemented in the department / company strategy)


Remus Racolta is a graduate of the Master of Actuarial Techniques Program and holds a Certification in Financial Mathematics from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in London. He has worked as an actuary in the financial modeling area of Allianz Technology, and he is now a data scientist at ING Technology.

Duration / Period

The duration of the program will be 8 hours and will take place on 24.05.2019 in the interval: 9: 00-17: 00.


The investment for this program is:

     490 lei + VAT / participant



The following discounts are granted at the above rate:

    - 5% for the registration of at least 2 people within the same organization
    - 10% for students enrolled in the TACT Master

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