Effective Professional Communication

Bucharest 08 July 2019 - 09 July 2019

Trainer: Irina Toma


An interactive course, which offers the perfect balance between theory and practice; with immediate applicability on daily professional activities.  This training aims to give to the participants all the means and tools to express their opinions, their feelings in order to improve relationships with colleagues and superiors through verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Target group

Middle and/or top managers (all departments)

Those who are in an execution position (especially those who work in a “median department” – that represent the bond between company’s departments (for example human resources dep.); those who have a “front” position and are dealing with clients and partners on a daily basis).

Minimum level of experience for participating in the program: at least 1 year in client service position or in a lead/management position.

Course objectives

  • Acquiring the necessary knowledge for assertive communication
  • Knowing the vertical and horizontal communication principles
  • Knowing the effective questionning techniques
  • Identifiying the way in which emotions influence communication with others
  • Understanting the active listening principles
  • Optimizing the sent messages according to the profile of the listener (different behavioral styles)
  • Communication efficiency through adapting to external factors
  • Acquiring the skills needed to develop a personal communication strategy
  • Acquiring the customer care principles


1. Assertive Communication

  • Assertive communication - Definition, benefits, importance – theory and examples
  • Understanding communication styles (assertive, passive, aggressive, leading) – theory and roll-play
  • Personal barriers while using assertive communication - examples; exercises

2. Vertical and Horizontal relating abilities

  • Organizational communication – definition, types and characteristics- theory
  • Coaching approach– theory and exercises
  • How does emotions of the sender and of the receiver influence the communication– theory and roll-play

3. Active listening and questionning skills

  • Techniques for efficient assertive communication – theory and examples
  • Active listening - theory
  • Message - theory and examples
  • Non-verbal and para-verbal communication– examples; exercises.
  • Communication channel (advantages/ disadvantages) - theory
  • Receiver and the effect – theory and examples
  • Question types (closed vs open) – theory and roll-play
  • Powerful questions – theory and exercises
  • RAPID strategy (Relating –Expectations -Suppositions-Itinerary-Yes- trust)- exercises

4. Behavioral Styles

  • Behaviours – definition and typology – theory
  • Observing/ getting to know the communication partners – exercises and roll-play
  • Emotions vs. Reason – exercises and roll-play
  • Sincerity Test - exercises

5. Customer Care

  • What does a quality service means? – theory and case studies
  • Self-image and the public one – theory and examples
  • Belonging with the company (the neurological levels of Robert Dilts)- theory
  • The benefits of identifying and matching the personal and company’s objectives – theory and examples
  • Customer’s rights- theory and examples
  • Etiquette regarding the relationship with the client - theory and exercises
  • Customer loyalty and sales items – theory and exercises, roll-play
  • Managing complaints - theory and exercises
  • Conflict management - theory and exercises
  • Feedback strategies – roll-play and exercises


Irina Toma, Life & Executive Coach, accredited by IIC&M; Trainer, Consultant, Mentor, with years of experience in coaching and training on subjects like: soft skills, communication, leadership, sales, motivation; team management and team coaching.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 16 hours and will take place between 10:00-18:00.


The necessary investment for participating to this program is of 700 lei + VAT/person.

Bonus: the trainees from Communication program will be able to participate, free of charge, at the webinar with theme Mentorated and Mastermind Group hosted by the same trainer.


At the above fee the following discounts will be granted:

  • 5% for registration and payment until May 7th, 2019;
  • 5% for the registration of at least 2 persons from the same organisation.

The discounts can be cumulated.

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