Degree of concentration and anti-competitive tendencies in the insurance market. Case studies - Romania vs. EU

Bucharest 25 July 2019

Trainer: Mihail Bușu


Practical seminar "Degree of concentration and anti-competitive tendencies in the insurance market. Case studies - Romania vs. EU" is addressed to people working in the field of competition (consulting firms, law firms, etc.) and aims to present specific issues, both theoretical and practical, on legislation regarding competition and to present case studies in the field of mergers and anti-competitive behavior from the point of view of specific competition legislation.

Target group

The program is addressed to both practitioners and persons responsible for the management of the companies, consulting firms in the field of competition law and law firms and experts from the academic field and research institutes, through the deepening techniques for determining the concentration of markets from a competition perspective.

Course objectives

At the end of seminar the participants will know the specific notions regarding competition law, theoretical concepts and practical examples on the use of economic analysis on anti-competitive practices of enterprises and ways of measuring market concentration.


1. Economic theory and competition law.
      - Anticompetitive practices. Examples.
2. Abuse of dominant position.
      - Exempted categories of agreements or practices.
      - The fines. Sanctions imposed on individuals.
      - Leniency Program.
3. Economic performance versus degree of market concentration.
     - Indicators of market concentration. Applications of indicators: Herfindahl-Hirchman, Comprehensive Concentration Index, Concentration Ratio Index and Hall-Tideman Index.
      - Case study - insurance sector in Romania.
4. Case studies across the EU, Romania and USA.
5. Sessions of questions and answers.


Mihail Buşu- PhD in Economics and Statistics, having 15 years of experience in the academic field and 6 years in the competition field. Mr. Buşu lectured on economic analyzes and strategies - competition policy, financial mathematics, statistics and econometrics elements within the University Banking and Finance, Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. He is also member of the Chief Economist group within the Romanian Competition Council since 2010.

Duration / Period

The seminar lasts 6 hours and will be held on July 25th, 2019 between 9:30 and 16:30.


The necessary investment for this seminar is 500 lei + VAT / participant.

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