Damage in collateral. Cases of fraud and their fight

Bucharest 13 September 2019

Trainer: Mihaela Cojocaru


An interactive course that aims to provide examples and case studies to provide a picture of the claims settlement process for collateral and fraud situations that may occur both at the time policies are written and at the occurrence of an insured event (a called bond)

We will discuss about warning signals to insurers and about the reasons why policyholders fail to achieve their objectives, giving rise to claims.

Target group

Employee insurance companies involved in the claims settlement, internal control and fraud prevention, as well as in the subscription and sale of collateral insurance policies. It is also helpful for the brokerage staff involved in the promotion and sale of collateral.

Level of experience required: minimum 3 years in the field of non-life insurance, of which at least 6 months in underwriting, sale of liquidation or any other activity related to collateral.

Course objectives

1. Surety bonds

  • Insured risks
  • Insurance contract. Letter of guarantee.
  • Contracting parties. 

2. Risk assessment and monitoring  şi monitoring the performance of contracts covered by insurance policies;

3. Taking notice of claims; 

4. Opening of claim files. Assessing damages and fixing compensations; 

5. Fraud in Surety Bonds Insurance. Fraud indicators; 

6. The role of insurance and brokerage firms' staff in preventing and combating fraud in Surety Bonds Insurance; 


Developing knowledge of assessment and identification of critical situations in Surety Bonds Insurance;

Developing participants' ability to use various techniques and methods of early recognition, detection, evaluation and combating fraud.


Mihaela Cojocaru  has experience in Insurance Industry since 1995 with general insurance responsibilities in areas such as sale, underwriting, claims, especially in Liability, Financial Risks and Property insurance. She has also served as insurance inspector, underwriter, Sales manager, chief underwriter, operations manager, deputy general manager of companies such as ARDAF, ASTRA, ASIROM, Accenture, CertAsig. Since 2017 she became a consultant in insurance, risk management and training.

Between 1996 and 1998 she organized insurance training courses through the British Know How Fund programs and also participated in other training projects writing also several course supports. She is a certified trainer ASF/CSA (L-0130) din 07.12.2010.

Duration / Period

The program will last 3 hours during a day, between 09.00 and 12.00.


The necessary investment for this program is of 265 lei + VAT / participant and includes: course materials, coffee break, participation certificates.


At the above fee the following discount will be granted: 5% for the registration of at least two persons from the same organization.

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