Crop Insurance – characteristics and underwriting principles

Bucharest 17 September 2019

Trainer: Iulia Nicola


Considering the developments of the agricultural sector in Romania, as well as the launch of a measure for financial support (sM 17.1. ”Contribuții la primele de asigurare culturilor, a animalelor și a plantelor”), this insurance product is one of highest interest.

Participants at this course will gain knowledge about the particularities of this insurance product, the insurable risks, the types of insured sums, the necessary underwriting information and also about the principles of underwriting and indemnification.

For this course it will be allocated 8 credit points per participant, related to the certification of professional training of insurance and / or reinsurance distributors.

The course can only be completed once during the certification for professional training of insurance and / or reinsurance distributors.

Target group

The program is dedicated for employees of insurance companies, brokers and insurance agents, as well as for other specialists who want to become familiar with crop insurance. Participants need to have knowledge about general insurance (non-life).

Course objectives

  1. Gaining knowledge about crop insurance;
  2. Understanding the opportunity of selling this insurance product;
  3. Presentation of the applicable legislation for this insurance type;
  4. Understanting the characteristics and operating mode of this insurance product;
  5. Understanding of insured risks and additional common clauses; knowing the calculation of insured sums;
  6. Knowing of the necessary information for underwritig and understanding the principles of underwriting and indemnification.


  1. Crop insurance: history, international experience.
  2. The European context of our country in the agricultural field, developments and the opportunity of selling crop insurance.
  3. The legal environment of crop insurance.
  4. The insurance contract: differencies / particularities compaired with other insurance lines.
  5. Underwriting crop insurance: the information required for underwritig.
  6. Introduction in crop insurance contract: who can be insured, crop types, insured risks, common clauses, specific exclusions, insured period, calculation of the insured sum.
  7. Examples, case studies.
  8. Conclusions, Q&A.

Tools: examples and case studies.


Iulia Nicola – experienced insurance professional since 2000, having responsibilities in underwriting of general insurance, product development, team and project management. During 2008 - 2016 she worked as Chief Underwriter at Gothaer Asigurari. Starting with 2017, she joint the UNSAR team, currently coordinating the General Insurance (non-motor) Section, including the association projects for agriculture.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 6 hours (8 credit points) and will take place between 10:00-16:00.


The investment for this program is:

  • 450 lei + VAT / participant
  • 470.16 lei + VAT / participant, with the fee for validation and registration of credits included.

Fees include: course materials, coffee breaks, participation certificates.


At the above fee will be granted a discount of 5% for the registration of at least two persons from the same organization.

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