Criminal law seminar in the insurance field

Bucharest 14 June 2018

Trainer: Maria-Georgiana Teodorescu, Ion Rusu


The correct understanding and acknowledgement of the legislation regarding the abuse and other offences committed on duty by applying the most recent decisions of the Constitutional Court and The High Court of Cassation and Justice is of great interest for all the employers and employees, whether in the public or private sector, therefore, also for people that do not practice a profession in the law field.

Our seminar aims to correctly inform both the employers and the employees by presenting and explaining the relevant aspects regarding the abuse and other offences committed while on duty (including corruption offences), so as, following the participation to this seminar, the participants may be more confident while performing their activities on duty. 

In the same time, the seminar also clarifies the issue of the criminality in the insurance field, with explanations on the most common offences. 

Also, this seminar will help you understand what a criminal trial involves by explaining the phases, the presentation of the participants, rights and obligations so in the end, you may answer different questions, such as: ”What does it mean to be a witness?” What rights do I have as a witness? What about the obligations? What is my liability in case of fulfilling an obligation imposed by the employer?” etc.

The problems will be approached both theoretically and practically, so the participants may apply the information learned, at the end of the seminar. 

Target group

The direct beneficiaries are the employees of the public institutions or commercial societies operating in the insurance field or related fields (capital markets, banks, etc.).

A minimum judicial training is not necessary because the seminar is designed so all the participants, regardless of their training level, may understand the taught information.

The topic is wide, covering both offences on duty and corruption offences as well as special offences, related to the insurance field.

Course objectives

The main objective is to clarify the issue of the offences on duty and offences related to the insurance field. The participants will be explained starting with the basic concepts of the criminal law and criminal proceedings law (so as to be understood also by people with no knowledge of law) and up to matters applied regarding the crimes field.

At the end of the course, the participants will know how to identify a crime in the field in which they operate (mainly, the most common offences on duty and corruption offences and, second, the offences related to the insurance field). 

In additional, they will understand the accurate meaning of a criminal trial, what it means to be a witness in such a trial, the granted rights according to the legal standing, which involves a complaint or a denunciation, etc.

Also, the participants will be able to discuss practical cases met at their workplace and receive legal advice in this regard.


1. Introduction into the topic of the seminar, the presentation of the participants

2. Introductory notions of criminal law: the definition of the crime, which are the participants (distinctions between the author, instigator, accessory), which are the sanctions provided by the Romanian law in general, which are the mitigating and aggravating circumstances, etc.

3. The presentation and explanation of the main offences while on duty:

  • The abuse on duty;
  • Negligence on duty;
  • Corruption offences on duty (bribery, influence peddling, buying influence), etc.

4. The presentation of the newest decisions of the Romanian Constitutional Court and The High Court of Cassation and Justice regarding the offences on duty. The distinction between the officer, public servant and public servant in a private banking institution.

5. The presentation and explanation of the other crimes which may occur in the relations at the workplace:

  • The usurpation of a position
  • Conflict of interests
  • Forgery offences
  • Computer offences, etc.

6. The presentation and explanation of offences specific to the insurance field:

  • Frauds with public procurements in the insurance field
  • The surety bonds as a criminal issue
  • Forgeries regarding the amicable agreements and damage findings
  • Money laundering by the insurance societies
  • Tax fraud in the insurance field  

7. The performance of the criminal trial (participants, stages)

8. The rights and obligations of the participants during the criminal trial (focusing on the witness capacity)

9. Questions and answers, open discussions on practical cases.


Mrs Maria-Georgiana Teodorescu, lawyer, is a university professor, Doctor of Law and Political Sciences, member of the Bucharest Bar and with a wide experience in the field of criminal law and criminal proceedings law. Over the years, Mrs Teodorescu has provided legal assistance in famous criminal law cases, both before the National Anticorruption Directorate as well as The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, and before courts.  

She published numerous law articles in the specialized journals, participated to many international law conferences and also published monographies and handbooks, as well as different papers addressed to Law students.

Mr Ion RUSU is PhD at the University DANUBIUS from Galati and lawyer within the Vrancea Bar, being specialized in the field of criminal law, criminal proceedings law and international judicial cooperation in criminal matters, with a wide experience both in the criminal research and the practice of the lawyer profession.

As a layer, Mr RUSU provided legal assistance both in the criminal prosecution phase before the National Anticorruption Directorate (corruption offences), The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (trafficking of minors, smuggling, etc.), as well as before courts.

He published complex judicial studies (treaties, monographies, university courses, as well as over 100 studies and articles in specialized journals) and participated to numerous international or national conferences.

Duration / Period

This curse will take place in 14 of June 2018 from 09:00 to 17:00.


The investment for this program is 550 lei + VAT.


The following discounts will be granted:

  • 5% for registration and payment until the 4th of June 2018
  • 5% for registration of more than 2 persons from the same organization.
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