Capital markets and financial innovation

Bucharest 09 January 2019

Trainer: Septimiu Stoica


The course aims to reveal the main feature and quality of capital market: financial innovation. It defines market functioning in both its aspects immediately visible to users and in its deep layers, either technological, or in the structural typologies developed.

The course will indicate the main axes of innovation in the capital market:
- in terms of transactional and post transactional infrastructure;
- in terms of interfacing with stakeholders;
- in terms of interface with consumers;
- in terms of price discovery;
- in terms of transactional strategy;
- in terms of investment strategy;
- in terms of funding;
- in terms of products.
The anticipated developments and perspectives will be highlighted.

Target group

The course addresses the following categories of specialists:

  • Capital market intermediaries
  • Capital market issuers
  • Entities that have not yet issued securities
  • Other operators
  • Capital market investors

Course objectives

The course aims:

  • Revealing the competitive operating model of the capital market
  • Understanding of the correct and effective use of the capital market
  • Stimulating creative attitude and action on the capital market
  • Capital market professionals disinhibition
  • Stimulating real and sustainable development for Romanian capital market


1. The innovative model of organization and functioning of the capital market

2. Innovation in functioning of trading platforms

a) computerization
b) trading at high speeds
c) new mechanisms for price discovery
d) new types of trading orders
e) professionals and investors access in the market

3. Innovation and creativity in the typology of trading platforms

a) alternative trading systems
b) OTC platforms
c) internalisation

4. Innovation and creativity in the typology of financial instruments

a) derivatives - new support assets
b) exotic derivatives
c) asset-based securities - securitization
d) structured products
e) structured securities related to shares

5. Innovation in the field of investment assets

a) investing in energy assets
b) investing in commodities
c) investing in real estate assets

6. Innovation in corporate behavior

7. Innovation in financial analysis

8. Innovation, creativity, regulation and deregulation


Septimiu Stoica, lawyer, Ph.D. in Economics.

Experince in the non-banking financial market:
- Chairman of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, chairman of RASDAQ, chairman of the Romanian Commodities Exchange
- President of the Institute of Corporate Governance of the BSE
- Financial investment services agent (broker), chairman / (general) director of several companies of financial investments services)
- Consultant
- Professor / lecturer of several courses and training programs
- lawyer; referee; mediator; negotiator / conciliator, broker, participant to set up and manage the principal markets and support institutions for the capital market in Romania.

Duration / Period

The program will take place in one day, from 09:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The investment for this program is 450 lei + VAT.

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