Business Intelligence & Community Management

Bucharest 10 June 2016

Trainer: Nicolae PANA, Iulian POPA, Ionel NIȚU


Business Intelligence & Community Management are two concepts used increasingly more commonly among those using the means of modern technology, particularly the online environment, in their professional activity. The proposed program comes to provide them with methods, techniques and practical tools for the creation, development and management of virtual communities, but also the knowledge of legal regulations and norms that ensure consistent implementation of the work itself.

Target group

The training program is aimed at people who work with the online environment, who seek out and use information obtained from diverse sources, including the Internet, and who are in need of know-how and research of the methods of analysis for this information.
Direct beneficiaries are those who want to learn new ways to create and manage virtual communities, but also management and business intelligence techniques to use at work.

Course objectives

  • Introduction to “Business Intelligence & Community Management”
  • Familiarity with concepts such as business & competitive intelligence, open source intelligence, selection and processing of information, big data, deep web, digital identity etc.
  • Provision of working tools useful in the professional activity.
  • Using social networks and the apps to use in business intelligence community management.
  • Measures to respect the legal implications across the internet for professional activity.
  • Presentation of case studies and practical exercises for easy learning of the topic.


Business & Competitive Intelligence

A. Information vs Intelligence
B. Data analysis
C. Generating reports / Analytical products / Intelligence in action

Open source intelligence - OSINT

A. Introduction in OSINT
B. Methods, Techniques and Procedures
C. Processing information, searching and selection

Legality and legal protection in business intelligence

A. Big Data & Deep Web
B. Social Networks and Virtual Communities
C. Digital Identity and Profiling - Anonymity and false identity

Case studies, applied exercises, specific programs and applications for business intelligence

Duration / Period

June 10, 2016 between 14:00-20:00


The investment for this program is of 400 lei + VAT/participant.


At the above fee a disount of 10% will be granted for the registration of more than 3 persons from the same organization.

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