Bond insurance

Bucharest 09 September 2019

Trainer: Mihaela Cojocaru


The program is designed to provide a detailed picture of bond insurance, based on approaches to risk and the facts on which underwriting is made for this type of insurance. It is an interactive and practical course during which the advantages of bond insurance and the situations which might lead to claims will be presented.

During the program the trainer will explain the importance of knowing the customer and its evaluation, both in terms of the financial situation and the experience in the work they carry out, as part of risk management, especially in times of recession.

Target group

The training program is addressed for staff within brokerage companies interested to broaden their knowledge of bond insurance, both in terms of risk assessment and underwriting of insurance policies and also in terms of how to settle claims that may occur on these insurance policies.

Course objectives

At the end of course the participants will:

  • know the legal framework and the principles underlying bond insurance;
  • know the different types of bond insurance;
  • understand the practices and mechanisms of the bond insurance;
  • understand the opportunities by underwriting the bond insurance in the current economic climate.


  • Generalities regarding bond insurance
  • Legislative framework
  • The bond contract – involved parties
  • Technical terms of bond insurance
  • Particularities of underwriting bond policies
  • Types of bond insurance - classification and covered risks


Mrs. Mihaela Cojocaru was the Deputy General Manager and Vice President of CertAsig Insurance Reinsurance Board with a history of over 17 years in the insurance industry. She is a member of the Commission for Professional Training in Insurance.
She organized training courses in insurance to the Know How Fund from UK, training for insurance agents. She participated in organizing several courses and in drafting several handouts. She is FSA / CSA (L-0130) certified lecturer from 07.12.2010.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 6 hours and will take place starting with 09:30.


The investment for this program is of 420 lei + VAT/participant.


At the above fee the following discount will be granted:

  • 5% for registration and payment of the fee until the 20th of May 2019;
  • 10% for the registration of at least 3 persons from the same organization.

The discounts can be cumulated.

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