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Online course: LOMA 290 – Insurance Company Operations

17 January 2019

LOMA 290 — Insurance Company Operations describes how life insurance companies operate in today’s global environment: how they are organized, how they are managed, and the roles of functional and support units in developing, distributing, issuing, and administering life insurance and ann

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Dezvoltarea abilităților de mediere, respectiv arbitraj

17 January 2019

Modul III - Pregătire profesională continuă a conciliatorilor din domeniul financiar nonbancar Cursul își propune dezvoltarea abilităților conciliatorilor din domeniile asigurărilor, pieței de capital și pensiilor private în mediere și arbitraj. Aplicarea corectă a mecanismel

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Online course: LOMA 301 – Insurance Administration

18 January 2019

LOMA 301 provides a detailed discussion of the activities of insurance administration for individual and group life coverages, focusing on underwriting, reinsurance, claims, and customer service. All LOMA courses have been reviewed and updated as appropriate to reflect the DOL Fiduciary Rule. This

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Actualizarea legislaţiei conexe activităţii (combatarea spălării banilor, GDPR, SAL-Fin)

18 January 2019

Modulul I - Legislație Activitatea constatatorilor de daune poate implica și aplicarea legislației conexe domeniului asigurărilor, respectiv cea privind combaterea spălării banilor, a protecției datelor cu caracter personal, dar și soluționării alternative a litigiilor dintre furnizorii d

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Responsabilul cu protecția datelor cu caracter personal (DPO)

21 January 2019

În prezent, lumea este  din ce în ce mai interconectată, schimburile de date depășind granițele unui singur stat sau ale Uniunii Europene, punându-se sub semnul întrebării jurisdicția aplicabilă unui transfer de date cu caracter personal către un stat membru UE s

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Online course: How to Avoid Healthcare False Claims

22 January 2019

Healthcare organizations and their employees who violate the civil False Claims Act can be fined millions of dollars. And, the federal government can exclude violators from participating in federal healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The act has been extensively used against healthcare p

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Excel 2016 - Expert (Business)

22 January 2019 - 05 February 2019

The program aims to acquire intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques on the practical use of Microsoft Office software - Microsoft Excel, enabling end users from financial field to operate in a professional way using spreadsheet tools. Participants in this course will be allocated 20 credi

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Issuer on the capital market - survival guide

23 January 2019

The course aims to acquaint representatives of eligible issuers regarding their future status of companies listed on the stock market and the main obligations incumbent upon as such. The premise from which we start is the first measure to tame a future that worries you is to understand exactly what

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Introduction to computer use and G Suite for beginners

23 January 2019 - 01 February 2019

The program aims to acquire basic concepts and techniques for exploring the Windows 10 operating system, the practical use of WORD application from Microsoft Office, as well as getting started with the complex cloud computing, productivity and collaboration Google's suite of apps, G Suite, which let

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Online course: UND 386 – Underwriting Life and Health Insurance

23 January 2019

UND 386 introduces risk assessment principles applied to underwriting individual and group life and health insurance, including specialized policies and supplemental coverages. All LOMA courses have been reviewed and updated as appropriate to reflect the DOL Fiduciary Rule. This course counts as c

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