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Online course: Managing Time and Stress

21 March 2019

This LOMA course demonstrates how service providers can align their work activities with their company's strategic plan through the effective management of time and stress, covering practical topics such as (a) personal planning; (b) prioritizing tasks; and (c) being proactive in learning and develo

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Online course: Reinsurance Overview

22 March 2019

This LOMA course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of reinsurance activities in the insurance industry. Key topics discussed in this course include (a) the advantages and disadvantages associated with using reinsurance; (b) the parties to a reinsurance contract; (c) the risk transfer proc

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How we evaluate stocks and bonds

26 March 2019

In this course you will learn the main methods of assessing the listed shares and bonds. We will analyze company indicators, then evaluation indicators, with examples and applicable to companies listed on BVB as well as international markets. We will also outline the macroeconomic picture, starti

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Financial Analysis and Forecasting - Module II

27 March 2019 - 28 March 2019

The financial analysis provides the tools and techniques to analyze the financial statements in order to make a financial diagnosis of the company's profitability and risk, according to which the strengths and weaknesses of the management can be formulated. Thus, it can be substantiate the strategie

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Damage in collateral. Cases of fraud and their fight

27 March 2019

An interactive course that aims to provide examples and case studies to provide a picture of the claims settlement process for collateral and fraud situations that may occur both at the time policies are written and at the occurrence of an insured event (a called bond) We will discuss about warning

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Combating money laundering in the stock market

28 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

Interdisciplinary course developed capital market - combating money laundering (AML) / Combating Financing of Terrorism CFT / international financial penalties (SFI)The course is a detailed instruction about the standards, legal provisions and requirements applicable national and international in th

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Prevention and combating money laundering and financing of terrorism in Romania

28 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

The course is structured on two modules, the first aimed at combating money laundering at European level (from a theoretical and practical point of view), and the second was focused on preventing and combating this crime in Romania (also from a theoretical point of view and practical).  

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Online course: CX 50 - Impact Cx: The Quest

31 March 2019

CX 50 – Impact Cx: The Quest is an interactive, decision-based gamified course that helps organizations create a unified customer-first mindset among all employees. It transforms employees into customer advocates who demonstrate empathy and sound judgment in meeting customer needs —

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Managementul riscurilor

01 April 2019 - 02 April 2019

Cursul oferă o introducere în managementul riscurilor și în metodologiile de administrare a acestora, a reglementărilor în acest domeniu, precum și a metodelor de evaluare și control. Mai mult decât atât, în cadrul cursului se vor identifica, analiza şi ilus

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Dezvoltarea abilitatilor de negociere a cuantumului daunelor morale - Constanta

03 April 2019

Modul II - Actualizarea noțiunilor tehnice. Noutăți și tendințe Programul îşi propune dezvoltarea abilitaților și competenţelor de negociere a cuantumului daunelor morale. Programul conține elementele principale (teoretice si practice) ale celor mai întâlnite tehnic

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The methodology regarding certification of professional training of insurance and / or reinsurance distributors

  To the attention of insurance and / or reinsurance distributors   On March 13, 2019, the Board of Fina...see all

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Press release - Conference - Quo Vadis Insurance Market in 2019!

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Continuous professional training programs for damage assessment specialists

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