Regulations for IFS’s examination

ISF has zero tolerance discrimination and aims to make its examinations as inclusive as possible. Invigilators should be aware of the protected characteristics defined in the equality as age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, and religion and believe and ensure that all candidates are treated fairly.

1. Access in the examination room
1.1. The candidates will appear at the examination at the specified date, time and location;
1.2. Entering the examination room can only be made on the basis of an identification document (ID card/Passport);
1.3. After the identity verification, each candidate will sign the nominee list - annex to the report which relates to the type of sustained examination and they will respect all the indications of the invigilator(s);
1.4. Not signing the nominal list - annex to the report entails declaring that person "Absent" and subsequently the invalidation of the work paper;
1.5. In case of no-show at the indicated time, entering the examination room will no longer be allowed;
1.6. The candidates who have signed up for an examination session and have not shown, may participate in a review session (with the condition of sending to ISF a re-enrollment petition for the examination and a copy of an ID card/Passport valid at the date of submission of the documentation) in the following circumstances:
•    without any payment of additional charges, if applying for membership in maximum five working days prior to the date of the exam for which the request is made;
•    with the payment of a fee in the amount of 50% of the examination fee, if requesting inclusion is made with 2 working days before the date of the exam for which the request is made;
•    without any payment of additional charges, if not participated in a second examination session, for reasons not attributable to the candidate, providing a copy of the certificate for sick leave/marriage/death of a family member or a proof that he couldn't leave from his work place;
•    Re-enrollment fee with the review if the candidate cannot transmit: a copy of the certificate for sick leave/marriage/death of a family member or after proof that couldn't leave from his work place.
1.7. In the situation in which the examination is canceled, the candidates can participate in another examination Center if they required in writing within 2 working days of your display ISF's site has information regarding cancellation of that examination. These candidates will no longer submit other documents for entering the exam.

2. During the examination
2.1. Mobile phones will be turned off during the examination;
2.2. It is prohibited to use during the examination any materials or electronic devices (before starting the examination, all materials and luggage will be stored in the place indicated by the invigilators);
2.3. The candidates cannot leave the examination room with any photocopies of drafts or tests;
2.4. If a candidate needs to leave the examination room, he must be accompanied by an invigilator;
2.5. Any attempted to fraud will be punished; the candidate concerned will be excluded from the examination and subsequently declared "Rejected";
2.6. The examination consists of 25 questions with 5 variants of answer, of which only one is correct. For an examination must be answered In order to pass the exam, it is required a minimum of 19 correct answers, equivalent to note 6 - "Promoted";
2.7. After receiving the test paper, the candidate will write on the top right corner of it his name, surname, PIN, date and place of the examination;
2.8. The correct answers will be marked with an X . Only the answers marked with an X will be taken into consideration. If an answered marked with an X is considered subsequent to be wrong, cut with a line the marked box, write your signature besides and mark a new X for the correct answer. A member of the examination Board will sign for each change made on the paper, in addition to the candidate's signature, otherwise the change will not be taken into account.

a) The questions have only one correct answer. If you check several variants of answer to the same question will, it will not be taken into account and no points will be received;
b) In case one of the candidates completes a test from a different training program than the one for which it was submitted by his training provider, i.e. the one for which he signed for in the nominal list-Annex to the report, he will be declared "Rejected";
c) From the moment they receive the test, the candidates have 40 minutes to solve it;
d) After the expiration of the allocated time or before, if the exam is solved earlier, the test paper will be handed over to the examination Committee. The last 3 candidates will leave the examination room at the same time, after handing over their tests.

3. Complaints
3.1. The challenges to the results of the examination can be made within 2 working days, calculated from the date of display of the results and are dealt with within a maximum of five working days, calculated from the date of registration of the appeal.
3.2. The results will be displayed in the complaints section Ratings-displaying results;
3.3. If the candidate wants to see his test paper, it will be possible at ISF headquarters (in the country or in Bucharest) in the maximum period of 30 days from the date the exam was held.

4. Issue of certificates
4.1. The graduation Certificates shall be issued by ISF holders within 30 days from the date of the promotion of the exam. Until the date of issue of the certificates, if requested, the candidate can receive a proof of the promotion of the exam within a maximum of 10 days from the date of the promotion of the exam.
4.2. Any complaints concerning the withdrawal and the establishment of the review session or any other suggestions/proposals will be made in writing, after finishing the exam or the following working day. Any other petitions, if not made as so, will not be taken into consideration.

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