Occupational Standard for Occupation Specialist Inspector Damage

In order to professionalize occupations specific to the insurance industry, the Institute of Financial Studies (ISF) has developed the Occupational Standard Daune Specialty Inspector, code COR 241248.
The Occupational Standard includes the need for key competencies for the Occupational Damage Inspectorate, corresponding to qualification level 6 under the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), and establishes a training plan for people who want to work in this field. The standard establishes a level of professional technical skills specific to the activity, communication skills, communication, but also criteria for assessing these competencies.
Occupational Occupational Damage Specialist Inspector was technically validated and validated by the National Authority of Qualifications (ANC) on 14 November 2016 by the Sectoral Finance, Banking, Insurance and Appraisal Sector Committee.
This standard is a first step in a continuous process undertaken by the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) through the Institute of Financial Studies (ISF) to increase professionalisation of occupations specific to insurance, private pensions and capital markets. This is done by defining occupational profiles, a unitary set of professional competencies to be achieved through the development / updating of occupational standards.
To consult the Standard, click here.

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