Insurance monograhy


Keep alive the memory of the time spent in the insurance industry!

Contribute to the

Monograph of the Romanian insurance market in the last quarter of century

with your own stories and memorable happenings


The scope of the project:

To publish the book called “I was also involved in the insurance industry”, a book that will contain about 100 stories and testimonies of the persons who are working (or worked) in the local insurance market.

The book is addressed to all persons who, for shorter or longer periods of time, are (or were) part of the insurance guild.


Who is invited to take part in this project?

If you are (or were) an insurance agent or broker, marketing agent, consultant, Unit Manager or Team Leader, Agency / Branch Manager, regional director, sales director, trainer or employee in one of the following departments (financial, legal, actuarial, compliance, underwriting, claims, IT, marketing, HR etc.)

Share with your guild fellows

  • Funny stories;
  • Memorable situations (based on which you learned something useful, or various interactions with your superiors, colleagues or subordinates);
  • Recollections from the training sessions, conferences or meetings;
  • Interesting moments from your day-to-day office activities;
  • Stories with or about clients;
  • Stories about your business partners;
  • Happenings from you company parties, anniversaries of other parties;
  • Anything else you consider that might be relevant, useful or interesting for the others to find out.


What to take into consideration?

There are no requirements regarding the length of the text, or other typing norms.

We are not, necessary, interested in names, but only in the facts – as they really have happened.

There is no need for you to have talent in writing; you only have to send us the short description of the situation(s), and we shall take care to adjust the text so that there will be a standard writing style for the entire book.

On the other side, we would like to know (if this doesn`t bother you at all): your name, hometown, positions held in the insurance companies / brokers / organizations you have worked (preferably, with the according periods, expressed in years).


How many stories you may send us?

Send us 1, 2, 3 or as many as you would like. The higher the number of stories, the better!


How will you send us the stories?

You have the following options for sending the stories:

  • As an attachment or as a plain text in the body of an e-mail, at the following address:;
  • A plain text into the application form from below.


In order to have an efficient project management, we are kindly asking you to send us your story / stories no later than 7 days starting the date you see this page!


In the end, we challenge you to

Read and pass this message to other friends or former colleagues that worked in the past in the insurance sector, if you consider they would like to share their own memories with us.


Who manages this project?

The book will be published under the aegis of ISF (the Institute for Financial Studies), and is coordinated by Alin T. Băiescu, PhD., insurance expert (


Partners in promoting the project: UNSAR, Media XPrimm, UNSICAR, ApPA and ProFiduciaria




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