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Online course: LOMA 307 – Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals

LOMA 307 introduces industry employees to basic financial concepts and terminology and relates these concepts to the business of insurance and company operations and profitability. All LOMA courses have been reviewed and updated as appropriate to reflect the DOL Fiduciary Rule. This course counts

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Online course: Life Insurance Products

This robust LOMA course provides an overview of (a) the difference between whole life and term life; (b) renewable, convertible, and return of premium term life insurance; and (c) reasons for choosing one product over another. While this is ideal for all new employees, it can serve well as “r

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Online course: Supplement to Reinsurance Basics

This LOMA Supplement is not a stand-alone course, but rather builds on the knowledge from two LOMA online courses: Reinsurance Basics and Intro to Life and Health Insurance Products. The learner should have already completed the previous two courses prior to reading this PDF Supplement. Language: E

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Online course: Reinsurance Basics

The LOMA course identifies the main types of reinsurance, explaining why insurers use reinsurance and how reinsurance affects the insurance industry. Additional topics of discussion include: (a) the relationships between the parties to a reinsurance arrangement: (b) how insurers and reinsurers use p

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Online course: LOMA 321 - Marketing in Financial Services

Marketing in Financial Services (LOMA 321) offers an exciting way for industry professionals to gain critical knowledge of the marketing function and a better understanding of how their efforts contribute to the company’s success and profitability. This course presents basic marketing pri

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Online course: Introduction to Insurance Fraud (Adjuster)

This LOMA course will provide the insurance professional with an overview to Insurance Fraud, including the effects of insurance fraud, the growing statistics of insurance fraud, examples and current fraud schemes as well as their consequences, the efforts to reduce insurance fraud and the role that

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Online course: ARA 440 – Reinsurance Administration

ARA 440 shows how reinsurance strengthens the insurance industry and increases the likelihood that insurance companies will have sufficient funds to pay anticipated claims. This course also discusses reinsurance principles, regulation of reinsurance, typical provisions in a reinsurance agreement, th

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Online course: Life Insurance Basics

It’s important for new employees to understand what life insurance is, why people buy it, and how it works. In simulations of several potential insurance customers, learners discover the aspects of risk, what makes a risk insurable, and how insurance companies evaluate risks before issuing ins

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Inițiere în constatarea și dimensionarea daunelor - Campion Expert Training

Programul este organizat de Campion Expert Training în colaborare cu  Institutul de Studii Financiare. Pregatirea profesională a specialiștilor constatare și evaluare daune presupune un proces de instruire atât teoretic cât și practic. Cursul conține o secți

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Online course: LOMA 280 – Principles of Insurance

LOMA 280 introduces the principles of insurance, the process of becoming insured, and the policyowner’s contractual rights. The course includes information on the features of individual and group life insurance, health insurance, and annuity products. All LOMA courses have been reviewed and u

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Programe de pregatire profesională continuă pentru specialiști constatare daune

Specialiștii constatare daune își desfășoară activitatea profesională în domeniul asigurărilor, în conformitate cu prevederile legale în vigoare și cu respectarea cerințelor privind pregătirea profesională....Click aici pentru detalii >

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Institutul de Studii Financiare și specialiști din piața asigurărilor, au elaborat și publicat Manualul Distribuito...vezi tot

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Manualul Distribuitorului de Asigurări

Institutul de Studii Financiare și specialiști din piața asigurărilor, au elaborat Manualul Distribuitorului de Asig...vezi tot


Metodologia privind certificarea pregătirii profesionale a distribuitorilor de asigurări și/sau reasigurări

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