Online course: Life Insurance Basics

LOMA 10 Iulie 2019

Trainer: N/A


It’s important for new employees to understand what life insurance is, why people buy it, and how it works. In simulations of several potential insurance customers, learners discover the aspects of risk, what makes a risk insurable, and how insurance companies evaluate risks before issuing insurance policies.

This LOMA course focuses on the critical underlying reasons for insurance exists and how it is administered; it’s a valuable learning experience for all employees, specifically if for those working in functions such as underwriting, product development, or new business/policy issue.

Language: English

The course is online and can be accessed both from computer and mobile devices.

Grup țintă

Employees of companies from the insurance and financial services industry.

Obiectivele cursului

  • Define risk and insurance and the characteristics that make a risk insurable
  • Describe the personal and business needs insurance can meet
  • Identify the factors insurers consider when assigning a proposed insured to a risk class
  • Explain insurable interest and situations in which insurable interest is clearly evident


~1 hour

The displayed period is indicative, being online the course is available at any time.

The course can be completed within 6 months of enrollment.


The necessary investement for this course is of 60 USD+VAT/participant.

The participation fee may be subject to changes based on LOMA policy.

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